Friday, March 27, 2015

Chrome Developer Tools

This past month I attended a conference, here in Nebraska, called Code Conference. I had the opportunity to be a speaker there leading a session on using Chrome developer tools.

I put my slides together as a web page so that those who were attending would be able to follow along. I have since updated that site to be more of a walk-through of using some of the features of Chrome's developer tools.

You can check out the site and walk-through at:

With my work we generally have to develop towards Internet Explorer...
Damn... often times I make use of IEs developer tools but more often then not I fall back on Chrome. The reason for that is, to me, Chrome's tools run more fluidly, and are ready to go right away.

What are you opinions? What's your favorite browser to do development in?

Also, let me know if you have any ideas for the site as a walk-through.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Great Links

I am planning on trying to add blogs every now and then for links to great reads that I've found here and there; And so I start.

  • A new slice of Pi - Raspberry Pi 2 announced with Windows 10 support coming
  • Hit the Bean - Just rolled out their Windows 8.1 App. Get Programming with this sleek little BLE micro-controller taht can run on a coin cell

Do you have any great links that have caught your attention lately? Leave them in the comments section.

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